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What to do with that Out of State Speeding Ticket?

noviembre 26, 2012

So you went out of town this weekend to visit some relatives and as your cousins started bickering about whose turn it was to take home the leftovers, you hopped in your car and sped back to your hotel with a slice of pecan pie riding shotgun on a napkin.  And then you looked up to see flashing blue lights in your rear-view mirror.  Happy Thanksgiving.  You just got an out-of-town speeding ticket.  Now what?

Unfortunately, if you receive a ticket out-of-state, it can become part of your driving record in Florida.  If the violation carries points in the state where it was issued and you pay it, the points will end up on your driving record.  The Sunshine State will not allow you to take school in Florida to remove points from a ticket received in another state.

Some states may allow you to take traffic school in that state, but depending on how far you traveled for Grandma’s turkey, that might not be feasible.  You can always fight the ticket, but keep in mind that you might have to make another trip to the state where the ticket was issued.  You may also consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney with experience fighting out-of-state tickets who can handle the matter for you.

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