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Traffic Attorney Report: Orlando & Orange County By The Numbers

October 4, 2018

Orange county FL has roughly 1.2 million people spread over 1003 square miles. It’s home to well known cities like Orlando, the University of Central Florida and Disney World. Millions of people travel through for business and pleasure each year. Many take highways like I4 or the Turnpike and some unfortunately get traffic tickets.

Orange County / Orlando Area Traffic Ticket Stats

Orange County law enforcement agencies wrote over 218,000 traffic tickets in 2017. Spread across the population, means that 1 in 6 residents receive a ticket every 12 months. Nearly 163,000 of these citations were non-criminal for offenses like speeding, red light camera violations and illegal u-turns. 16,000 or so were for criminal offenses such as DUI, driving while license is suspended, reckless driving and racing on the highway. An experienced traffic ticket attorney can assist with any of these charges. Click here to learn more.

In 2017, Orange County wrote the 5th most speeding tickets in the county. To see how the rest of Florida ranked, check out our post “Where You’re Most Likely To Get A Speeding Ticket In Florida” here. Florida Highway Patrol, Local Police and Sheriffs issued 44,505 tickets for speeding. Luckily nearly 25% of of these tickets were taken to court and the county withheld adjudication or dismissed. Orange county issued the second most red light camera violations in the state of Florida, 47,772 to be exact!

Quick Stats

Orange County Florida collected an estimated $14,400,000 (using a $150 average) from 96,641 cases that paid civil fines or were found guilty.

Luckily, DUIs are down significantly across the state and in Orange County. However, agencies still wrote 23,000 criminal traffic tickets for driving with a suspended license and another 14,000 for driving with no license at all.

In Orange County 17% of traffic cases were dismissed outright, another 21% were adjudication withheld which is also considered a successful result of no points or no school. Many of these cases were won by an experienced traffic ticket attorney like our staff at The Ticket Clinic.

When it comes to agencies, it will probably be local city police department that pulls you over. They’re responsible for 86% of the traffic citations written in Orange County.

Call An Experience Traffic Ticket Attorney

Regardless of the charge, it pays to speak with a traffic ticket attorney before paying any fine or admitting guilt. The Ticket Clinic has been helping motorists for over 30 years and has traffic attorneys in all Florida counties ready to assist you. Call 1-800-Citation Today.