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Traffic Lawyer Report: Jacksonville Area By The Numbers

September 24, 2021

Over the last decade, Duval County also known as the Jacksonville area has seen explosive population growth. Jacksonville is now the most populated Florida city with 929,647 residents according to the 2020 census. That’s nearly a 13% increase in total population. All those new people leads to more traffic congestion and ultimately more law enforcement. Our team took a deep look at the State’s data to see where the Jacksonville area ranks when it comes to traffic tickets.

In 2020, a jaw-dropping 124,557 traffic tickets were written by Jacksonville-area law enforcement. Out of those traffic violations, 19,033 were criminal offenses and 79,802 were non-criminal like speeding, careless driving and red light camera.

Jacksonville Area Is The #2 Place In Florida To Receive A Speeding Ticket

The most common reason Jacksonville area cops issued a traffic tickets in 2020 was due to speed. 49,700 speeding tickets were issued which is the second most of any other county in Florida in 2020. Only Miami outranks Duval County when it comes to speeding tickets so you might want to stay extra sharp when travelling through the Jacksonville area.

Quick Stats

Duval County collected an estimated $14,702,700 (using a $150 average) from 98,018 cases that paid civil fines or were found guilty.

Beat Your Jacksonville Area Traffic Ticket

In Duval County, 35% of non-criminal, moving violation traffic cases were dismissed outright, or were “adjudication withheld” which is also considered a successful result of no points or no school. At The Ticket Clinic, a 98% of the cases our team handled by our experienced traffic ticket attorneys have a successful result.

Call An Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney

All too often people who receive a traffic citation simply pay the fine and/or admit guilt. Other times people ignore the ticket and it ends up turning into a more serious offense like a suspended license. Regardless of the situation, most traffic citations can turn into a big headache if they are not taken care of properly. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney in the Jacksonville area who has experience fighting traffic citations is always a good idea. The Ticket Clinic has been helping motorists for over 30 years and has traffic attorneys in all Florida counties ready to assist you. We have resolved over 5,000,000 cases and counting so don’t wait, Call 1-800-Citation Today.