Traffic Ticket Attorney

The Fight Against Red Light Cameras

November 16, 2012

Red light cameras are facing scrutiny nationwide as challengers highlight the fact that the cameras are merely a way for desperate cities to balance their budgets by bringing in revenue.  In fact, studies have shown an increase in rear-end collisions in intersections with red light cameras.

Today, the matter is being heavily litigated in courtrooms all over Florida and the cameras’ future remains uncertain.  In the meantime, what do you do if you get a red light ticket in the mail?

Many people think that because a red light camera ticket does not incur points and does not appear on their driving record, there is no harm in paying it.  People also mistakenly believe that because there is a photo or video, they must be guilty.  Rather, there are many ways to attack red light camera tickets and the equipment used to issue these tickets.  Before you simply pay the fine, which starts at $158, consider talking to a lawyer.  The Ticket Clinic is leading the charge against red light cameras throughout Florida and California.