Traffic Ticket Attorney

So You Got a DUI? Now What?

November 20, 2012

We all know drinking and driving is bad and that you should think twice before getting behind the wheel after a long Saturday night. Maybe you thought one more drink wouldn’t hurt, but it happened – you went out, you drank too much, you drove home and you got pulled over. DUI. Now what?

A DUI is very serious because it carries possible criminal consequences. Also when you get a DUI, the Florida DMV immediately suspends your drivers license. The process to regain your driving privileges may be complicated. For example, if you fail to request a review hearing within 10 days, you lose the right to contest the suspension of your drivers license. Even for a first DUI, the automatic suspension is 6 months.

A DUI is not your average speeding ticket that you can handle by yourself. Instead, talk to an experienced DUI attorney at The Ticket Clinic. Our DUI lawyers concentrate solely on the art of defending DUI’s in Florida, California and nationwide.