Traffic Ticket Attorney

Red Light Camera Tickets for Making Right-Hand Turns on Red

December 6, 2012

At The Ticket Clinic, we are constantly fighting the battle against red light camera tickets.  You may already know this but if bears repeating – you can also get a red light camera ticket for making a right turn on red if you don’t come to a complete stop before turning.  However, the law allows drivers to make a right turn on red if the turn is both permissible (i.e. there is no sign saying “No Turn on Red”) and “reasonable and prudent.”

The vague “reasonable and prudent” language, which is entirely subjective, can work in your favor since people will differ on what they consider to be reasonable and prudent.  A good traffic ticket lawyer may be able to help you fight your red light camera ticket.  If you received a red light camera ticket for making a right turn on red, before you simply pay the fine, which starts at $158, consider talking to a traffic ticket lawyer. The Ticket Clinic is leading the charge against red light cameras throughout Florida and California.