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4 Bad Driving Habits That Can Get You A Ticket

May 19, 2015

Here are the most common bad driving habits associated with traffic accidents. Basically, these are the habits that will result in you getting traffic tickets in Florida. 

The Phone factor

When you even touch your phone or look at it for a second, you’re putting yourself and a whole lot of other people at risk. Texting while driving is prohibited in 41 states. Most states currently allow hands-free devices, but it’s advisable to avoid using the phone in any form because it distracts you from performing a task to its full optimal level. Keep your phone switched off while driving. It may seem difficult in the beginning, but it could be a habit that saves your life.

Barefoot Driving

Although there are no legal restrictions on driving without shoes in most states, it’s always a good idea to wear appropriate footwear when you’re driving. Sweaty soles could result in your foot slipping off the gas or brake pedal, resulting in diminished control over your vehicle in that crucial moment. Remember accidents don’t happen in hours or minutes, they are over in a split second.

Emergency Vehicle Protocol

You need to be careful about driving past a police car or emergency tow truck because if you’re not, you could be the next person to be pulled over. There are “move over” laws in place for such instances; however, most drivers are not aware of it. Being , ignorant of the law does not spare you from getting traffic tickets in Miami. In most states, you’re required to down reduce your speed to twenty miles per hour or change your lane when you encounter an emergency vehicle in front of you.

Blasting Your Tunes

There has been a lot of debate about whether playing loud music in your car while driving warrants Traffic Tickets in Florida. It’s obvious that loud music can not only turn out to be a disturbance to other drivers and people in the neighbourhood, it could prove to be a distraction that puts your life in danger.

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