Traffic Ticket Attorney

4 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Traffic Ticket

February 10, 2020

Receiving a traffic ticket can cost you big bucks. The fines do not vary much, but the surcharges do vary by state and county. Reckless driving in Florida, for example, may incur different charges in Miami than what you would pay in Jacksonville.

Before you pay the fine, always explore your options, because when you pay the ticket charge you are admitting your guilt and have points added to your driving record.

Here are a few ways to reduce the impact of your traffic ticket:

  1. In some states, you can complete a defensive driving course. This is also referred to as the traffic school or driver improvement. The Motor Vehicle Department of the state often approves these. Taking a defensive driving course can reduce or remove points on your driving record, reinstate your driver’s license, but in this case, dismiss a traffic ticket. The eligibility to take the course is decided by the state’s DMV agency.
  2. You can opt to fight your ticket. Consider reaching out to an experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney. A traffic ticket attorney will be able to review your case and determine your defense strategy. Depending on the nature of your ticket, an attorney may help dismiss the charges against you, reduce the fines, keep the points from going on your driving record and also keep the car insurance from shooting up.
  3. Keep your vehicle registration, license plates, state inspection and your vehicle insurance updated. Letting any of these expire may draw extra attention by the law enforcement authorities; this can also be used against you in court so keep yourself updated.
  4. Avoid getting into trouble and receiving more tickets. Some insurance companies often reduce the insurance rates resulting from driving offenses provided you don’t get further tickets. These insurance companies gradually eliminate the rates resulting from your first offense if you continue to maintain a clean record.

The best way is to stay out of trouble. This means obeying the traffic rules and keeping your vehicle in good order. And if you have been ticketed for traffic violations? Our experienced traffic attorneys are well-versed with courtroom tactics and will help you get your ticket dismissed or charges reduced. Call us today at 1800-248-2846